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It's really a challenge to be strong every day to grab time and multiply it, to handle the many facets necessary to exist in this crazy life of an artist with no horizon, but full of poetry and self-knowledge!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ This is how creation processes are for me!

A research, a line of thought, when it has been frayed for so many years, takes shape and becomes palpable!

Dance and plastic art have always been my expressive path, my religion! Today I look at photos and videos that are a nostalgic reminder of the questions and questions that have been on my mind over the years in the creation of each work. Some questions still remain and others have turned into new questions that move me and instigate me to be here now.

I have produced a lot in my studio. I've been thinking a lot about these times, about this life, about what comes out of my hands and what I want with my art.

My art is my cure, it's my madness, it's my survival!

"My artistic work is dizzying. A vertical dive into the unconscious"




I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro, 38 years old, graduated in Dance Degree from UniverCidade since 2003 and postgraduate in psychomotor education from IBMR - Brazilian Institute of Medicine and Rehabilitation since 2006.

As a director and choreographer, I have been developing research between plastic arts and dance since 2001, with the premiere of “Reação”, at the Panorama de Dança Festival in Rio de Janeiro. In a continuing work complete in 2020,  twenty years of research and creation.

Along this path I developed the following choreographic works: “Reação” (2001), “Traços” (2003), “Impressões” (2006) “Botero” (2007), “Tela Azul” (2008), “Red Cadmium” ( 2009), “Yellow Figures” (2010), “Crows and Sunflowers” (2011), “Golden Phase” (2013), “Frida-me” (2014), “Basquiat’s Sky” (2016), “Modigliani” ( 2017), “Rosario” (2018), “Estrela Dalva” (2018), “Green doesn’t mean blue grass doesn’t mean sky” (2018) and “Casa d Barro” (2019).



During this journey, I was awarded the public notice for Dance by the Secretary of State of Rio de Janeiro in 2008 and the Rebouças Connection project of the Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Center for the assembly of the “Red Cadmium” project. In 2012 I was awarded the Klauss Vianna Award for the production of the show Fase Dourada. In 2013, it was contemplated by the Fomenta Carioca public notice from the Secretary of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro for the staging, scheduled for 2014, of the show Frida-me and in 2015 I was contemplated by Fomento Carioca for circulation of repertoire through the carioca canvases. In addition, I had the support of SESC RIO for the assembly of all my works.

Over these 20 years, I have been with  works and workshops in various theaters and dance festivals in the country, such as: Dança em Trânsito-RJ, Experimental Space coordinated by Ana Kfouri-SESC Tijuca-RJ, Café Cultural coordinated by Gisele Tápias, I Mostra Carioca de Dança Contemporânea - directed and curated by Renato Vieira, Teatro Cacilda Backer, Teatro Dulcina, Espaço Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto, Teatro Angel Vianna, Circuito SESC Interior- Rio de Janeiro (All units), Espaço SESC Copacabana, SESC Santos-SP, SESC Tijuca- RJ, Correios em Movimento-RJ, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil-RJ Espaço Gamboa-RJ, Espaço Rampa-RJ, CALU- Lumiar Arts Center- Friburgo, Dance Festival of Bahia- Salvador, Festival de Dança do-Cariri, Teatro das Marias- Fortaleza, Festival Maloca- Fortaleza, FLIP in Paraty and Projeto Escola Sesc Caxias.



As an interpreter and performer, I am the protagonist of my scenic research.

I worked with researcher Esther Weitzman from 2000/2002, with the show “Terras/Presenças no Tempo” – elected by the newspaper O Globo as one of the best of 2000 – presented at Sérgio Porto (2000), Cacilda Becker (2001) and Ziembinsky ( 2002). He also danced the show Sonoridades, presented at “Dança Brasil” (CCBB do Rio and Brasília – 2002), at Circuito SESC RJ (several cities in the state – 2002) and at Paty do Alferes, PRODANÇA project, where I also taught dance workshops for kids.

I worked with researcher Márcia Rubin from 2003 to 2006 with the show “Tempo de Valsa Moderado com Elegância”, presented at “Dança Brasil” (CCBB do Rio and Brasília - 2003), at Circuito SESC RJ (several cities in the State of RJ - 2003), at the event “Dança em Tânsito” (2003), at the Campina Grande Winter Festival (2003), at the “Raio X” project (Teatro da UniverCidade - 2003), at the Sérgio Porto Cultural Space (2004), at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro (2005) and Circuito SESI (2006), among others.

I also danced with Ana Vitória the show “Cirandas e Cirandinhas”, contemplated by Klauss Vianna, presented on the SESC RJ circuit, premiered at SESC Copacabana in July (2008) and danced in several festivals and states.


As a visual artist, I investigate painting and sculpture in the search for dialogues with dance, in the assembly of installations and scenarios for scenic works. In addition, I exhibit and sell my works in my studio.



As an art educator, I taught adapted dance classes in the Post-Graduation in Didactics of Children's and Youth Dance- UniverCidade, coordination Ângela Ferreira- 2007 to 2011, Dance Education class in the Dança Comunidade project within the Joinville Festival - 2008/2009, I was a teacher for special children and director of Cia de Dança Colibri – 2000 to 2007, I was a teacher from 2010 to 2015 of the curriculum at Colégio Logosófico in which I developed a research on dance with children and adolescents called Corpo Cénico. In 2014, I did a one-year resident in the Ecoar no Pinel culture point project for people with psychic disorders.

I am currently a professor/advisor at the Creative Laboratory 2017/2020, a dance project developed at SESC Friburgo- RJ and founder of CALU- Centro de Artes de Lumiar- 2016 in which I am pedagogical artistic director and active professor.

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