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Marcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea



'Figures Amarelas' is a contemporary dance show aimed at children. A work freely inspired by Brazilian plastic artists, born in São Paulo, Gustavo Pandolfo and Otávio Pandolfo, better known as OsGemeos.


' Yellow Figures'  proposes to transform the scene into a living space of stories, full of dreamlike and playful images, transforming reality in an unusual way. 

As in the works of the artists OsGemeos, the spectacle of the cia. offers the public the opportunity to see concrete signs reconfigured in images that bring different readings.

In the show, the props delimit the scenic space, building scenarios, coming to life and being the bridge between the performers. The performers' dance is born from the direct relationship with the scenic objects and from physical postures studied from some works by plastic artists.

The original soundtrack by Leonardo Miranda, composed especially for the show, is inspired by Brazilian regional culture and children's songs, enriching the work's dramaturgy and leading to story scripts where the narrator is the audience.

The graphic animation by Renato Vilarouca transports the characters to new adventures, as in a picture book where text is unnecessary.

'Figures Amarelas' mixture of textures, colors, prints, Brazilianness, childhood, reality, memories, dreams and emotions in a great itinerant journey through the unconscious, where the child has, as a spectator, freedom and autonomy to create.



Year of debut: 2010


Conception and Direction: Marcio Cunha

Music: soundtrack composed especially for the show by Leonardo Miranda and Tássio Ramos

Scenario: Maria José and Marcio Cunha

Costume designer: Maria Jose

Interpreters-dancers: Bruno Gomes, Carla Stank, Laís

Bernardes, Carol Bahiense, Fabiano Nunes, João Ferreira e Michelle França.

Assistant Director: Renata Reinheimer

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