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Rosario is a dance show freely inspired by the works of the Brazilian artist known as Bispo do Rosario that closes the trilogy by the plastic artist and choreographer Márcio Cunha, having previously been inspired by Frida Kahlo to make the show "Frida - me" and by Jean Michael Basquiat to perform "Basquiat's Sky". Body, society and spirituality are subjects and propositions that brought these powers of the visual arts to the scene by Márcio Cunha. Rosario proposes to sacralize the gesture and the artistic making in the search for an open encounter with intuition and for bridges between body and religiosity, between movement and spirituality. A danced documentary of the works of Bispo do Rosario and the atrocities lived in the asylum in the former Colônia Juliano Moreira. A show woven with subtleties and sewn with poetry in the encounter with the stage. 

Year of debut: 2018.


Conception, direction and interpreter: Márcio Cunha

Assistant Director: Juliana Nogueira

Scenography: Silvia Araujo and Márcio Cunha

Boat used in the scene: Arlindo

Video art and image capture: Guto Neto

Soundtrack: Antonio Nóbrega

Light design: Juca Baracho

Video performance: Marcio Cunha and Arlindo

Photograph: Marcella Azal

Press Office: Passarim Comunicação (Silvana Cardoso/Juliana Feltz)

Production and graphic design direction: Cacau Gondomar

Artistic collaboration: Diana Kolker and Elihas Di Jorge

Realization: Calu – Bispo do Rosário Contemporary Art Museum – Sesc Rio


Jun  2018


Talking about an immersive experience with the body in mind, becomes almost frivolous since the symbolic universe crosses the everyday structure in search of poetry, new movements and the word is no longer able to express. Even so, I am humbly willing to try to communicate here.
My body experienced surfaces, spaces, places, situations, stories, crossings that forced me to enter a state that I will call sensitive alertness here. A kind of present detachment, expansion of horizons, expansion of perceptions.
The intensity of the three-day residency in the CASA B project of the Bispo do Rosario Museum led me to deep reflections that reverberate in my gut until now.
I was very well received by the beautiful staff of the Museum, which quickly made me feel at ease and strangely, I felt a sense of reunion. Well... reunion!
Supported by three dear ones who accompanied me all the time, Diana, Elihas and Ana, I immersed myself more and more each second in the works of the Bishop, with an unparalleled proximity to the entire collection, in contact with the people who lived and knew the Bishop, with the Pavilion where he was and did most of his works, with the whole place full of stories and reports.
My body at this point had already lived an adventure, a roller coaster of feelings and sensations.
I felt fear, tightness in my chest, joint pain, joy and ecstasy, a lump in my throat, a freezing sensation, the urge to scream, possession, control and lack of control.... things I can't even name._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
It felt like time had stopped for an intense extra physical experience to take place. I prayed a lot! I really asked for help! 
I heard and felt things in that place that could transform the body, make anyone shiver and make a lot of people run away.
There was no time for carelessness and at all times TIME was class and intuition had to be ready to know how to be there.
The Bishop's works are for me a legacy of delicacy, strength, poetry, history and denunciation. A divine evocation of self healing. An invitation to transformation.
Being there during Easter week living all this intensity in the body was a via crucis!
Being very close to Arlindo, an artist from Atelie Gaia who lived with Bispo do Rosario at that time of atrocities, having the opportunity to perform together in Cela do Bispo, clearing the pain of the past, sacralizing the act as a cleansing and purification, purging suffering and giving voice to the excluded was immense. I'm still digesting! Maybe at another time I will write again and be able to register this unique episode in my life!
Arlindo is a great artist! I live like the Bishop! Awake like few others!
As if all that the residence offers were not enough, we still have the fantastic encounters of 'chance'. I had a conversation about spirituality, madness and the future of humanity for about 3 hours with a psychiatrist, a costume designer and a nurse/police resident in the dorm I was staying in.
Only the Bishop can bring together such different people around these issues! 
I also had the opportunity to give dance lessons to people in the community. I was moved and very happy to confirm the power of art, of movement! 
I slept one night at the polo and then went to the barracks. I slept alone at the pole. There was only me in all that place with everything he is! 
Bad night sleep, first day, strange noises at dawn, everything was moving, everything! There was no end!
On the last day, Guto Neto, a filmmaker and great friend, arrives to make poetic records of the day. He asks me if I know where we're going to start... all my certainties were gone by now and we went through the day with the intuition that guided us to the right places.
Valuable testimonies were made, reports that silenced us, moving images emerged and a multitude of questions were born.
I don't know what to do with so much…many memories in my body dilate and ask for a voice.
I think now only the room and the scene will keep talking.

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