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CORVOS E GIRASSÓIS - Márcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea
Nap Rio

CORVOS E GIRASSÓIS - Márcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea


'Crows and Sunflowers' is a show freely inspired by the unique works of Van Gogh.

A choreographic work in which human relationships, with their conflicts, concerns and all the dramatic and dualistic load concretized in Van Gogh's works are present in the body of the performers.

Sophisticated choreographic compositions lose contour through the imbalance and acceleration of movement dynamics and intensity. Choreographic scores and entire scenes are repeated revealing new paintings as in the works 'Autorretrato' and 'Sunflowers', in which the artist paints the same theme at different times in his life.

Van Gogh's last works were the starting point of Creation. Two creative interpreters with their particular experiences, six chairs, an audience on stage, the entire space of the theater is a stage. With an original soundtrack, 'Crows and Sunflowers' proposes an illuminated, sinuous and colorful movement, built from the dark instability of the unusual. The songs, often cyclical, progressive or delicate, suggest internal states and create the atmosphere of the show.

A moving screen where the audience and performers have the opportunity to interact.

With these changes in the perspective of the gaze, the audience can closely observe the performer and his physical states charged with different intensity.

Year of debut: 2011.


Conception and Direction: Márcio Cunha

Music: Soundtrack composed especially for the show by Leonardo Miranda and Tassio Ramos

Costume designer: Maria Wermelinger

Performers-dancers: Marcio Cunha and Renata Reinheimer

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