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Márcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea -  Fase Dourada
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Márcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea - Fase Dourada


“ Fase Dourada is the result of a long creation process that has as reference the works of Gustav Klimt. A dance show that is freely inspired by the questions brought by the painter through images adorned with symbols.

A dive into the conflicts and fears, strengths and weaknesses of the human being, having as a starting point the feminine, not as a gender, but as a symbolic and aesthetic option in the fluidity of the performers' movements, delicacy and sinuosity as a direction in the generating state of dance itself.

The performer's body translates psychological archetypes that validate the relationships between them and the existence of each one on the scene, consciously re-signifying, through dance, encounters and images.

Immersed in Gustav Klimt's symbols, penetrated by his elaborate way of seeing human relationships, the performers make visible to the eyes the disintegration of dense matter for the construction of a sensitive and expressive body.

In Golden Phase, the body expands and lets the subtle layers of the being come to the surface in search of an emotional encounter with space. From this visceral process is born a plastic channel of communication of the unconscious that takes shape and comes to life.” *


Direction and choreography: Márcio Cunha

Artistic Collaboration: Marcia Rubin and Soraya Jorge

Performers-dancers: Carol Bahiense, João Ferreira, Márcio Cunha, Michelle França, Renata Reinheimer e  Patricia Riess

Performer-singer: Suzana Santana.

Scenario: Leonardo Miranda

Costume designer: Renata Lamenza


*This show was awarded the Klauss Vianna Award 2012.

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