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I'll paint your eyes when I meet your soul


I'll paint your eyes when I know your soul is a dance show freely inspired by the works of the Italian artist Modigliani.

A sensitive choreographic tangency, in view of the transcription of the artist's gaze towards his work, from the gaze of a man to the female soul.

Conducted by French operas and music, the show aims to create tensions and different states between the performers.

An atmosphere that leads us to reflect on the space that exists between the artist's love life and the relationship between the artist and the muse.


Conception, direction, choreography, costumes and scenography -

Márcio Cunha

Creative Interpreters - Debora Miranda and Marcio Cunha

Musician - Aradelfa Edelszte

Photography - Marcella Azal

Artistic Collaboration - Hilda Marques, Dalvinha Vieira Baptista

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