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Casa de Barro
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Casa de Barro


“Casa de Barro” is the new show by choreographer, dancer, and artist Marcio Cunha, in a short season, starting on November 7 (5th) at the Mezzanine of Sesc Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro. The dance show seeks the origin of the body and the being. A return to humanity's questions, bearing in mind the origin of man, the future and the meaning of existence. Where we came from? Where are we going? Who we are?


“Who we are has been hovering over our heads. And, currently, we are questioning man's place as a creator, as well as the place that this individual is occupying in this age, at this time.” Marcio Cunha


As a plastic artist, Marcio Cunha usually brings his installations to the stage, with plastic and clay being the raw materials to compose “Casa de Barro”, with clay being used in its various forms – to talk about metamorphosis, the transformation of things , people, humanity and inhumanity. In 2018, the artist ended with “Rosario” the trilogy created with the shows Frida-me” (2014) and “Céu de Bsquiat” (2016), where he brought dance closer to the visual arts.


“Whoever looks outside dreams,

whoever looks within awakens.” Carl Jung


Songs that are part of our African and indigenous origins are on the soundtrack, signed by the choreographer in partnership with photographer Leonardo Miranda, who has already made soundtracks and scenery for Cia. (Cia. Márcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea) and now does the art direction and photography of the show. For the track, Gilberto Gil and Virgínia Rodrigues, sounds of our forests and our waters, roots that also pass through the formation of our religiosity.



“Questions that we are experiencing about this moment of humanity within the planet pass through the show. I sought to make “Casa de Barro” in an organic and expressive way and, above all, I seek to sensitize and awaken the audience’s gaze to a greater awareness: “who are we, now?”

Marcio Cunha


“Casa de Barro” is dance, it is a scenic ritual, it is the metamorphosis of the body, of the cocoon that becomes a man, the origin of the questions and the questioning: Where did we come from? Where are we going? Who we are?


Conception, direction, interpretation and installation: Marcio Cunha

Assistant Director: Juliana Nogueira

Art direction and photography: Leonardo Miranda

Soundtrack: Leonardo Miranda and Marcio Cunha

Filming: Guto Neto

Light Design and Operation: Juca Baracho

Press Office: Silvana C. Espírito Santo and Juliana Feltz (Passarim Comunicação)

Production and Graphic Design Direction: Cacau Gondomar

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