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vermelho cádmio
Ricardo Moreira

vermelho cádmio


'Red Cadmium' is freely inspired by the works of the 20th century American painter, Andrew Wyeth(1917-2009), the Cia went in search of this work, in a pulsating relationship between plasticity and dramaturgy in dance, building moving paintings in a concrete space similar to dreams and memories bringing the audience a contemplative state as in painting.

The architecture of movement is blurred by the inebriated dramaturgy of the dancers' memory overlaps, who seek in the painter's images and in the relationship with the scene, ways to present emotions and sensations. 'Red Cadmium'_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_discover in the relationship with the paintings of Wyeth, ways to break down barriers between scenic representation and reality in search of a sensitive dance.

Projections, scenery, soundtrack, lighting and costumes compose multiform paintings creating and recreating scenes painted with subtlety that transform and interfere in the dancers' actions. As in the paintings by Wyeth, solitary characters compose with the architecture of space. The spectacle 'Red Cadmium' in turn builds new paintings that are superimposed by images of solitary characters occupying the same space at different times.

The show deals with a mobile and unpredictable scenic space, here called “silent space zone”. This space is not empty, but becomes identifiable and multifaceted in terms of possible interpretations, full of dramaturgy, suggesting through codes, the approximation of the unconscious, making its meanings indecipherable, alive and present.

Finally, the work is a living vernissage, which takes on new life at each moment of the scene, colored by the state of the performers and drawn by the harmonic set of brushstrokes of movement.*

Year of debut: 2009.


Conception and Direction: Marcio Cunha.

Artistic Collaboration: Paulo Marques

Music: soundtrack composed especially for the show by Ricardo Soares.

Graphic animation and visual programming: Renato Vilarouca and Ricardo Vilarouca.

Scenario (graphic animation): Renato Vilarouca, Ricardo Vilarouca and Márcio Cunha.

Costumes: Ricardo Soares and Joana Antônio.

Performers-dancers: Marcio Cunha, Renata Reinheimer.

Guest performers-dancers: Aline Teixeira, Frederico Paredes, Giselda Fernandes and Paula Mori.



Result of the public notice contemplated by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro;

Rebouças connection project of the Choreographic Center.

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