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FRIDA-ME is a tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who in 2014 completes 60 years of her works after her death. a show that investigates in the works of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo the sensitive channel of the movement of her art. A note of new aesthetic choreographic directions by Márcio Cunha Dança Contemporânea that is born from the narrowing between the look of director Marcio Cunha, the artist's works and the meeting of the interpreters Marcio Cunha and Ana Paula Bouzas. 

FRIDA-ME is a graphic of the intensities experienced by the artist Frida Kahlo that gains strength in Leonardo Miranda's daring soundtrack that brings together Rock, Classical music and traditional Mexican music.

The duality present in the artist's life and works, her relationship with Diego Rivera and the many tragedies lived in her body, are evoked in this show that finds just as the artist conveys it through image and subjectivity to talk about feeling.

The scenario signed by Márcio Cunha is full of symbols that refer to the interior, childhood, the body. Three terracotta sculptures entitled 'The Feast of the Dead', 'Frida and the Heart' and 'Disintegration' are displayed on stage. The graphic animations by the Vilarouca brothers and Luz de Juca Baracho bring the colors and cutouts of the artist's paintings.

Renata Lamenza's costume features references from Frida Kahlo's paintings and the plastic artist Alexandre Guimarâes' 'Fridinha' Doll, dressed in Renata Lamenza's costumes, is a reproduction of the fun artist that comes to life on stage.

FRIDA-ME is a dance show that evokes the memory of the Mexican artist, but before that and in the foreground the density and impacting subjectivity of her works.


Conception, direction and choreography: Márcio Cunha

Assistant Director: Juliana Nogueira

Creative interpreters: Ana Paula Bouzas and Márcio Cunha

Body preparation: Paulo Marques and Flávia Meireles

Light design and operation: Juca BarachoTrilha 

Soundtrack: Leonardo Miranda

Costumes: Renata Lamenza

Visagista: MiggyBotelho

Doll (Fridinha): Alexandre Guimarães

Scenography and Sculptures: Márcio Cunha

Scenography Assistant: Maria José

Photography: Silvana Marques

Press Office: Bia Sampaio (BriefComComunicação)

Executive Producer: Camila Sampaio

Production direction: Veronica Fernandes

Realization NKV Artistic Productions

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