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Dalva star


Brazil is the birthplace of several peoples, it presents a great diversity of its cultural and artistic forms. Knowing its musical traditions is, without a doubt, knowing a little bit of its history. The revelry, the revelry, the faith, the commemoration of life, death, harvests… Everything is manifested through music, a mirror of the soul of a people. In addition to the music, &ea cute; of equal importance are the folklore and popular dances. ESTRELA DALVA is a show that proposes to bring Brazilian dances and stories in search of parties and popular festivities that evoke the state of the player in the encounter with the other, with objects and music. A tour of Brazilian popular culture! 


Direction and choreography:  Márcio Cunha and Juliana Nogueira

Interpreters:  Márcio Cunha, Juliana Nogueira and Sílvia Araujo

Costume:  Márcio Cunha

Scene Objects:  Márcio Cunha 

Masks: Silvia Araujo

Production Direction: Cacau Gondomar

Music: António Nóbrega and Carlos Malta

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